Uniformed Staff

Staff progression

After a probationary period as a Civilian Instructor, staff in the Royal Air Force Air Cadets have the opportunity to progress into uniform as either a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) or a commissioned Officer. Many see this as the ‘next step’ in their RAFAC staff career, and progressing into uniform can be an incredibly beneficial and exciting experience. Uniformed staff are expected to commit to 12 hours a month across parade nights and extra activities. Uniformed staff will always be found on squadrons but also at Wing and Region level, where they will take on roles in which they are a Subject Matter Expert, such as shooting, sports, aviation, media and more. Both in uniform or out it is possible for you to develop your skills in any of these areas that interest you, and further information about this can be found here.

Routes Into Uniform

Both routes into uniform begin with a discussion with your Commanding Officer. The uniformed life isn’t for everyone, or you may have specific interests that would be suited for one role and not the other, so it is important to figure out what’s best for you before putting in an application.

If you wish to become an SNCO, after speaking to your OC you will put in your paperwork to Wing Headquarters. After an interview with the Wing Commander and Wing Warrant Officer, you will officially be appointed as an Acting Sergeant and will receive a letter in the post telling you when you are allowed to begin wearing your uniform. Within one year, you must attend a Combined Initial Course (CIC) at RAF College Cranwell in order to drop your ‘Acting’ rank.

If you wish to become an Officer, after completing all of the necessary paperwork you will have a filter interview with the Wing Commander and a Wing Staff Officer. If successful, you will then be put forward to attend a Regional Commissioning Board Interview with the Group Captain and two other senior officers, normally Wing Commanders. If successful, you will be appointed as an Acting Pilot Officer and must attend the Combined Initial Course (CIC) at RAF College Cranwell within one year.

Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO)

SNCOs in the RAFAC can be found in the ranks of Sergeant, Flight Sergeant and Warrant Officer. SNCOs are in charge of drill, discipline and uniform on their squadrons, making sure that staff and cadets are upholding the high standards the RAF adhere to.

As an SNCO you’ll have the unique opportunity to undertake drill courses, as well as get stuck in with the wide variety of activities the RAFAC has to offer. You’ll set a standard for cadets and staff and will be a shining example to all those under your care.

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Cadet Forces Commission

Officers in the RAFAC can be found at the rank of Pilot Officer, Flying Officer and Flight Lieutenant, with Officers at Wing and Region level also holding the ranks of Squadron Leader, Wing Commander and Group Captain. Officers can undertake all roles in the RAFAC (with the exception of leading drill) and many will be in charge of a squadron.

Officers are expected to be good leaders, and whether you’re on a squadron, an Officer attending a camp, or a member of Wing staff, you’ll be expected to contribute to decision making, have a good knowledge of RAFAC policies and have good leadership attributes. It may sound scary, but don’t worry – the work of an Officer is incredibly important, and if the role is right for you then you will excel in all of these factors.

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What next?

If you are currently a CI and are interested in going into uniform, or an SNCO who wants to take on their commission, speak to your Wing Training Officer about attending a Pre-Uniform Course.

This course will give you all the information needed about routes into uniform, and is a great opportunity to meet like-minded volunteers who are in the same boat as you.