Adult Training

Your training starts as soon as you begin your staff journey as a Cadet Forces Adult Volunteer (CFAV) with the Adult Volunteer Induction Programme, a course that teaches you about the values, ethos and structure of the Corps as well as what we expect from you as a member of staff, safeguarding, further training opportunities and the two routes into uniform. Following this, further courses are available depending on the individual’s position within their squadron and their future aspirations within the RAFAC.

There is a wide variety of courses available to staff in Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing dependant upon your interests and what you wish to gain during your time with us.


  • 2FTS PTT Instuctor
  • Squadron, Wing, Regional Aviation Officer

Adventure Training

  • Hill/Moorland Leader
  • Lowland Ldr
  • Mountain Ldr
  • Climbing quals
  • Canoeing quals
  • Sqn/Wg/Rg AT Officer

Training: Cadet Syllabus

  • Method of Instruction
  • BTEC in Education and Training
  • Sqn/Wg/Rg Training Officer