Flying & Gliding

As a member of the ATC all cadets have the opportunity to fly in the Tutor Aircraft. These are flown by volunteer pilots, all of whom are either serving or ex service pilots and are located at one of 12 Air experience Flights around the UK.In Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing we use 8 AEF which is located at RAF Cosford. Cadets are shown how the aircraft flies and are given the chance to control the aeroplane, experience aerobatics or simply enjoy the flight and the view!

Apart from the Tutor many Cadets will get the opportunity to fly in a variety of other RAF Aircraft and Helicopters sometimes as supernumerary Aircrew. Such flights often take place during Annual Camp and it is not unusual for a number of these flights to include trips overseas. Some of the more fortunate cadets may also have the chance to fly in “Fast Jets”.

Those Air Cadets with an aptitude for flying can apply to join the Air cadet Pilot Scheme or for a number of externally sponsored Flying Scholarships. You will need to be 16 or over to start the course and have (or predicted to get) GCSE’s at grade C or above in English and Maths. It is also preferred that you have passed a Gliding Scholarship. For more information on this speak to your Squadron CO or go to the Air Cadet Organisation website

Going on from the Blue Gliding wings you can work towards Bronze on both Gliding and Aviation wings (awarded for the Flying training in the Grob Tutor). This training will include Effects on the controls, Turning. For the Aviation wings further sorties will include Aerobatics and the basics of pilot navigation.

If you have the aptitude and eagerness you can really progress your Flying and Gliding experience and work towards a number of Flying, Pilot Navigation or Gliding Scholarships. Some of the scholarships could help you almost half way to a Private Pilot’s Licence. Something to consider if you are a budding aviator.

Alongside the formal training element, you may get the opportunity to fly with the RAF and the many aircraft it operates. It could be a flight in the back of a Chinook helicopter or a Hawk fast jet trainer.


Cadets also have the opportunity to Glide in the air cadets. We utilise the Viking glider for this and cadets fly at numerous Volunteer Gliding Schools around the Country. Cadets firstly undergo a period of training in part task trainers, these are essentially simulators. Cadets can then go forward to qualify for various badges under the progressive training syllabus. If you have the aptitude for gliding, you can go Solo in the Viking, you could go solo before you can legally drive!