Staff testimonies – SNCO

Sgt Steve Robinson RAFAC

Sgt Robinson is currently the ‘OIC’ of 496 (Kenilworth and Balsall Common) Squadron, and has previously served as the Squadron Training Officer. He went into uniform in November 2018, after 6 months as a Civilian Instructor.

Sgt Robinson chose to go into uniform because…

I wanted to give back to the community through an organisation I belonged to in my youth, and I also wanted to use my experiences from being part of the Army the then TA. I chose to go into uniform as an NCO as I believe you have a closer working tie with the cadets and staff, and get to take part in more ‘hands on’ activities.

Sgt Robinson enjoys being an NCO because…

I think it’s great seeing the progression in the cadets and watching them grow as individuals, and knowing you are helping them not only in their cadet life but life after as well.

What was your experience like on your SNCO Staff Initial Course?

I thoroughly enjoyed SSIC, and believe that it gives you the tools to be a strong SNCO. It also gives staff a good idea of working life on an RAF station, and enhance your skill set, making you ready to return to squadron in uniform. I think one of the best aspects of the course was meeting other NCO’s from around the country. It’s great to hear about how other squadrons are run, and I’m still in touch with a lot of these colleagues who I can bounce ideas off from time to time.