Civilian Committees

Are you keen on fundraising? Would you like to support the UK’s biggest youth organisation, but worried you don’t have the time to dedicate to being a member of staff?

Then joining your local squadron’s Civilian Committee may be for you!

None of the activities that our cadets undertake would be possible without our 15,000 volunteers and Civilian Committee members. Using their life skills, experience and professionalism, they ensure our training is second to none.

This is where we need your help. Each of our Squadrons require Civilian Committees to support them in respect of welfare and fundraising. Whilst some activities and assets are sponsored and financed by the MOD, others are not, so raising funds locally is an important issue in helping the cadets achieve their dreams. The Civilian Committee has a vital role to play in cadet activities.

By devoting just a few hours a month as a member of the local Squadron Civilian Committee you will be involved in raising, controlling and accounting for non public funds and giving advice and direction to the Commanding Officer on welfare issues for cadets and staff. You will also be providing a means of ensuring that the Squadron’s views are properly represented at higher levels and fostering the profile of the unit in the local community.